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Equipment And Engine Cleaning

Most mechanics recommend keeping your motor clean and grease free for several good reasons. First, motors are not supposed to have leaks or even grease build up on the surface. Oil on the outside of the engine causes lots of problems. First, the motor relies on air flowing over the metal to keep it cool. As the motor becomes covered with oil and dirt, it starts to act like an insulator and makes the motor run hotter than normal and prevents cooling during normal driving. Second, oil and grease destroys the plastic coating on electrical wires and gradually eats away at the rubber hoses. Thirdly, when the motor is clean, leaks can be easily determined and preventative maintenance can be done.  When a motor has had an oil leak for a while, the general area becomes coated from the dirt that sticks to the fresh oil. These leaks can be difficult to detect because of the amount of buildup that occurs over time. Not only does the oil drip down the engine, but the air fan blows the oil horizontally, and over time, most of the engine can get coated. It is also a great way just to give your car or equipment that extra shine.

Services Offered

- Engine Bay cleaning

- Equipment degreasing

- Equipment Steam cleaning


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